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Message started by Gwen on 08/20/8 at 16:04:05

Title: Free Stuff and Online Coupons
Post by Gwen on 08/20/8 at 16:04:05

If you are new to using Online Coupons, Free Stuff, Rebates and printing coupons, Here are some tips that may be helpful.

You can get some great deals online, Dell has some good deals that last only 24 hours or until 500 are redeemed. So if you are not "plugged in" you will miss these. So, Yes you can save money using these services.

To get started. †A lot of these sites require you to register to get the deals and Free Stuff. So, the †first thing to do is set-up an e-mail account just for these. You do not want to use your personal account, as you will be swamped with offers from everybody.
Any of the free e-mail accounts will work, AOL, Google's gmail, MSN, Yahoo.

Sign up for Google's gmail here †

Printing your coupons. †To print coupons some sites, couponmom, coolsaving require you to install the Coupon Printer from Coupons, Inc. † Both CouponBar and Coupon Printer are not considered to be a spyware in the sense that although the coupon printing software or CouponBar toolbar (ActiveX based or Internet Plug-in) will automatically collect information to provides you offers, promotions and advertisings, they do have a clear privacy policy on this information usage. Nonetheless, if you are not taking advantage of coupons saving opportunity, itís wise to opt-out and uninstall the software from your computer to minimize any security risk. These are some of the issues with this software

It is possible a third party could use the key to track your activity on the internet, but this is also true with a lot of cookies and other software.

The software limits the number of coupons you can print by placing a key in your registry. When you uninstall the software the key stays so if you install the software again you still can't print the same coupon. This is to prevent fraud and abuse and increase the quaility of the print so it can be read by store scanners.

Check with you local grocery store to see if they will accept printed coupons.

A lot of the grocery coupons offered, you can get from the Sunday paper and in the store so, if it bothers you, opt out and don't install it.

Ready †Here are some links to get you started

Daily E Deals † †This is a good site for online deals

Coupom Mom †

Cool Savings †

Smart Source †

Check the manufacture site for deals and free offers


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