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1  Get Beautiful / Ladies'  table talk / Re: need your stories
 on: 10/27/8 at 12:04:31 
Started by women866 | Post by women866  
Thank you so much Jerry!

2  Get Beautiful / Ladies'  table talk / Re: need your stories
 on: 10/25/8 at 23:22:22 
Started by women866 | Post by Jerry  
Here is a story about my stylist and my first visit to a Salon, you are welcome to use it..

My stylist moved from her job at Master Cuts to an upscale salon.  Being over 40 and balding and having finally found a stylist that could hide the ever-growing bald spot without a comb over, I was not about to change. So, with a bit of apprehension, I set out to my first appointment with her at the salon. Not wanting to make a bad impression, I made sure to show up early.

Don’t get wrong, this was a nice place.  Shampoo, complimentary neck massage, and condiments were all include in the price. Upon entering, this perky young lady greeted me, “Would you like some wine or coffee while you wait?” she said.  Coffee, I said.  She proceeded to give me cup, which looked like it came from a Disney princess tea set. There is no way to hold one of those, that isn’t dainty. She escorted me to the lounge, which was rather small, with a few chairs along the wall and these square boxes with cushions on them for seating, in the middle of the area.  Since the chairs were occupied by a an older lady and a couple of younger ones that looked like they steped out of a page of Vogue, she directed me to one of the square boxes and said, “Your stylist will be about 15 minutes.”  Those boxes are the most uncomfortable things made.  They are designed to make you cross your legs as this the only comfortable position.  Suddenly feeling vulnerable, I look around for somewhere to set my coffee, nothing.  Trying to make the best of it and look more macho, I check the magazine slot, nothing but hairstyle and fashion magazines.

Get the picture.  Here I sat feeling exposed, center stage, daintily holding a teacup, my legs crossed, with a magazine of the latest celebrity hairstyles open in my lap.  I am thinking, “ This has to be making a great impression on those hot babes over there”.  Finally my stylist shows up.  I could have given her a big hug, I was so happy to see her, but I figured it would only tarnish my image more.  Looking back, I don’t think it would have made much difference.

My stylist, sensing my discomfort, insisted I get the full treatment.  Not wanting to make her look bad at her new job, I didn’t resist and sheepishly followed her to the shampoo room.  Ladies if you want to remove the last shred of masculinity from a guy, give him a shampoo.  There I was, laying on a recliner with my head in a sink, looking up at a blank ceiling thinking, “That would be a good place to put a flat screen TV, at least I could watch the sports channel”.  To make matters worse, there was a full length mirror by the door on the way out.  I got a good view of what the others were seeing, not a pretty sight.  I swear I could hear my stylist chuckling when I remarked,” I sure hope they don’t have a camera in here”.

Guess the point of this story is for you hairstylists out there, be sensitive to your male clients.  Keep a few mugs around to serve coffee, and a copy of Sport Illustrated magazine available.  We do have an image to protect.

You are welcome to use my story for the author just put, Jerry at    

3  Get Beautiful / Ladies'  table talk / need your stories
 on: 10/23/8 at 09:56:03 
Started by women866 | Post by women866  
Hi! I intern for the American Domestic Violence Crisis Line and we are going to publish a book that's compiled with stories by hairstylists. These stories can be fun, cute, sassy, whatever you have heard, seen, or participated in. The hairstylist would get authorship within this book and the book itself would be sold as a fund raiser for the Crisis Line! Please comment on here or send me any questions or stories! Thanks!!!

4  Announcements / Introductions / Welcome to women866
 on: 10/07/8 at 17:19:57 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
Welcome our newest member women866.
We are excited that you joined our community.

5  Get Beautiful / Shopping / Slickdeals
 on: 09/06/8 at 14:55:30 
Started by Gwen | Post by Gwen  

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6  Get Beautiful / All About Beauty / Beauty Makeover at TAAZ
 on: 08/30/8 at 08:41:00 
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7  Get Beautiful / Shopping / MySampler--Try this site
 on: 08/30/8 at 03:42:47 
Started by Gwen | Post by Gwen  
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8  Get Beautiful / Shopping / Coupon Mom new Forum
 on: 08/29/8 at 20:50:44 
Started by Gwen | Post by Gwen has launched thier new forum.
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9  Get Beautiful / Shopping / P&G Brand Sampler
 on: 08/28/8 at 16:17:16 
Started by Gwen | Post by Gwen  
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10  Get Beautiful / Formal Hairstyles for Special Events / New MakeOver (It's Free)
 on: 08/27/8 at 18:28:43 
Started by Administrator | Post by Administrator  
As of 1 Aug 2008 the Hollywood MakeOver Tool at is powered by the premiere online free virtual makeover site, but they don't have the celebrities. At InStyle you have hundreds of celebrities to choose from. Use InStyle to pick your hairstyle then TAAZ to do your makeup. Both services are free but you have to register to upload your photo. Instyle now has 20 models to pick from to match your face shape if you don't want upload your photo.

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If you don't register, you can't save it but you can print your new style.

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