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Having a Bad Hair Day (Read 8185 times)

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Having a Bad Hair Day
08/26/8 at 16:02:00
Got an interview, important meeting, just want to look good.

Bad Hair Day, It's the humidity! Check the Frizz Forecast

Too late! Melissa O'Brien, a hairstylist at J. Gordon Designs in Chicago, offers some easy tricks

Use hand cream: Many people complain about frizzy hair and static electricity, especially during the winter months. If you have hand cream in your purse or desk drawer, moisturize your hands with it and then run your hands through your hair. The oils in creams and lotions add moisture to the hair and help combat frizzy and flyaway hairs.

Take the pin off your lapel: When people with long hair have a bad hair day, they usually throw their hair into a ponytail. Want to go for a more sophisticated look.
O'Brien suggests taking the pin from your suit jacket and attaching it to the elastic at the base of the ponytail. This makes a stylish hair ornament and also helps cover the ugly rubber band you may have pulled from your desk drawer.
Or, keep a set of decorative chopsticks in your desk drawer and use them to secure hair that has been twisted up into a knot. It looks better than using pencils and the chopsticks can double as lunchtime utensils!

Create instant volume: When your hair is flat and lifeless, O'Brien says to make a quick trip to the restroom. Flip your hair under the hand dryer and tousle with your fingers for a quickie blow dry that pumps up the volume!

Make a trip to the water cooler: Feel like your curls are sagging? A trip to the water cooler will help you put bounce back into your style and you can catch up on the latest gossip at the same time! Pour a little cool or room temperature water into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and scrunch your hair with your hands. Melissa suggests this is a great way to reactivate the products that you have in your hair and bring curls back to your locks.

Got some tips and tricks that you use to combat Bad Hair Days.
Please share.

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