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The first step in making your Scratch Project is:  You have an idea for a project.   Decide what kind of project you want to make.  Write a description.   Your description will help you decide what images and things you need to collect for your project. For our tutorial we wanted to make a game about space, so we came up with this idea.

Project Description:

Mission:  You are the Commander Of Space Shuttle Mission STS-2020 to Space Station Freedom.
You have to dock the Shuttle to the Space Station.  While working outside the Shuttle, one of your crew's jet pack fails to work and he is drifting out into space.  An Alien spaceship appears and is trying to capture your crew member.
You must destory the alien spaceship and rescue your crew member.
You only have 3 missiles and the Alien spaceship is fast.
Score:  10 points for docking the shuttle. 5 points for hitting the Alien spaceship. -5 if you miss
To Win:  You have to destroy the Alien spaceship and rescue the astronaut.

Project Resources:

  • Background: Images of space, space station, shuttle, astronauts
  • Sprites: Space Shuttle, Alien spaceship, astronaut, missiles
  • Sounds

Let's make a Video Game
If this is your first time using SCRATCH, before you start the Tutorial, Click on the Want Help? button.
Work the Getting Started Tutorial and read the Reference Guide.
Don't worry if you don't understand everything.  We will explain it as you go through the lessons. Just see were the buttons are and practice draging and dropping the blocks.

Download Background images.
Tip: For parents, you can Drag in one or more images from the web or your desktop

If you don't know how to download images, ask your parents or teacher for help.