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Lesson 10     Create an Astronaut Sprite

  • Description. This lesson, we will create an astronaut spite.

    If you haven't already, Launch the Scratch program from your desktop.
  • Let's get started!!!

  • We will be using background 4, workinginspacebg. Click on the Stage icon, Select the workinginspacebg.

  • Select a region of the background to create a sprite.
Move the mouse pointer over the stage, right click the mouse click grap screen region for new sprite.

This is our new sprite. To do over, right click the Sprite1 icon and then click delete.
Or you can use the scissors to delete the sprite. Repeat until you like your selection.

In the Sprite info area, rename it to Astronaut.

  • Edit Astronaut sprite.
Click on Costumes tab. Click on Edit

Use the Eraser to erase the background around the astonaut.

  • Edit workinginspacebg, paint out the astronaut.
Notice, we have 2 astonauts, the Sprite and the one in the background.
Let's edit the background and get rid of the astronaut.
Click on Stage icon tab. Click on Backgrounds tab.
On background 4, workinginspacebg, click on Edit

Click on the Rubber Stamp then move the crosshairs and click and drag the box to select a region of background.
Move and click to stamp over the astronaut.

To select a new region click on the Rubber Stamp and repeat.

Keep repeating until you are happy with the picture.

Click OK when you are done.

This is how mine looks.